Termovision is used in army: inland forces, navy and aviation. In most of the cases of termovision systems are integral part of the whole system. Here we present termovision camera as an independant device which can be used anywhere where night monitoring and surveillance is needed.

Flexible portable solar panels are specially designed for usage in NATO. They provide necessary electric power for supply of electronic devices, as well as charge of existing accumulators. Soldier with this equipment always becomes operative and independant with working on electric energy no matter his current station. It's designed in two versions: for military use (where all military standars are fulfilled) and for civil use.

Optical system for detection and identification of unknown materials is a device made foremost for army, police and special units. By establishing its own work principle, this system detects substances without touch or even through glass or plastics.

Bruker Daltonics is world's leading manufacturer of the systems that cover complete area of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection. Bruker Daltonics is military supplier world wide.

Termovision and solar panels are illustrated with more details because they could be applied in civil use. Optical systems for unknown substances detection and systems used for NHB danger detection in ABHO only gave a short preview. For detailed information, call "Tesla sistemi", section for special installation.

Migration of Serbs 1690, Paja Jovanović


Foreign military delegation visiting Tesla sistemi

(Bojan B. Dimitrijević, Serbia's Defense minister Assistant, Janne Kristina Larsen, Danish Defense Personnel Organization, Nebojša Nikolić, International Organization for Migration)

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