Developing technology of LED displays:

Multimedial LED screen is consisted of light dots which are connected in modules. One modul is made of 16x16 dots. Space between light dots determines the resolution of screen, which can be between 6 and 35mm. Screen is made of equal numbers of dots vertically and horizontally. They can be of larger format and they are especially apropriate for presentation of audio and video material. Due to great lighting emission of LED diode, displays do not have lowered functionality, regardless to outer illumination, even in cases of direct sunlight shining. Illumination intensity of display is adjusted automatically depending on ambient influence. Controlling is performed over the PC. Displays enable presentation of samples of text, dots, statically and dinamically, and other grafical recordings. Also, there is possibility of saving and reproducing of terrestrial, satellite and other types of incoming signals for sound and picture transfers. The size of display is not limited (in Delta City the size is 9x5m), due to modern technical and constructing solutions, so called intelligent modules. They are used equally in open and closed spaces.

Main advantages of LED displays are:

  • excellent visibility even on a very sunny day
  • possibility of showing moving pictures: TV programme, video, 3D animations
  • simple replacing of current programme
  • audio sound
  • very attractive look which gets a lot of attention

Examples of LED display in Belgrade:

Delta city
Knez Mihajlova street
Palace Albania


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