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“Tesla sistemi”, the leading system integrator in Serbia, follows its basic concept of business so the customer has the complete service, from making an design solution, designing the project, toits execution and maintenance. Special attention is given to maintenance of the systems which are already installed.

We, in “Tesla sistemi” do not base our development on using subcontractors, but rely on our employees to do the complete work. Quick response, trained staff, expert engineers and availability to the user 365 days a year, have contributed to our company growth. Introducing modern methods to business, helped us accomplish important references and engagements.
Constant professional training and education of the personel helps us keep up with the pace of equipment and technology development. We are present at numerous seminars and training courses in Serbia and abroad.
In order to meet the customers who have less demanding requirements and are not in Belgrade, we have trained our staff in all towns in Serbia to be for us to do the job. Our associates are mostly installation companies, or companies which provide technical protection - security. In this way, the end user receives a quality service at an affordable price.
“Tesla sistemi” take part as other companies' subcontractors, because we have complete infrastructure to do the work of any size. In case of complex projects, cooperation that we have with the Faculty of Electrotechnics in Belgrade solves every obstacle by hiring experts from that faculty.
Business policy of the company is that the maximum of service is provided to designers, as well as students of electrics.
By opting to import equipment, we have become even more competitive in the market, and all of our assiciates are provided with equipment at reasonable and market competitive prices. Encompassing all areas, from design and construction to maintenance, combined with imports, we have achieved much lower prices for consumers and investors.


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